We know it’s the norm now for people to be living with their parents longer or moving back home after college. With student loans, underemployment, and high rent costs, it makes sense that young adults would want to prioritize saving money.

So, when is the right time to move out?

It will be different for everyone, but experts agree on a few key items to consider in order to transition to successful “adulting”.


What’s your job situation like? If you’ve been working for a few years at the same steady job already, it may be a good time to move. Having a consistent paycheck you can count on week to week will make it easier to establish a realistic budget around your rent/mortgage payments.


The Balance suggests squirreling away enough cash to total 3 – 6 months’ living expenses. This will be a nice buffer for you in case becoming a rent-paying individual is more overwhelming than you expected.


How is your student loan situation? Having a steady rhythm of paying regularly shows that you’re earning enough to afford a little more financial independence than you currently have.

If you’re still drowning in trying to pay down the interest on a huge loan, it might be worth prioritizing that beast before making any other big financial changes.


Do you know what you’re trying to achieve by moving out? Being sick of living at home without the advantage of more financial stability might not be the right motivation. Seeking more financial independence on top of an already-amazing budget and healthy spending regimen is the way to go!

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